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Training Schedule

Group A - Swimming Tests

1) Swim 200m (8 lengths) breast stroke, without stopping.
2) Swim 100m (4 lengths) llife saving kick, without stopping.
3) Duck-dive & recover six objects from the bottom of the deep end, one object at a time.
4) Tread water for one minute, keeping your hands above your head.
5) After being made aware of the dangers of hyperventilation, attempt to swim 25m (1 length) underwater
6) Tow a body 25m (1 length) & recover onto the side of the pool at the deep end.

Group B - Primary Tests

Using basic equipment - mask fins, snorkel & weight belt.
1) Fin 200m (8 lengths) on the surface, duck-diving twice each length.
2) Fin 25m (1 length) underwater, collecting three objects.
3) Hold breath for 30 seconds, at the bottom of the deep end.
4) Flood & clear mask three times.
5) Fit basic equipment, in the deep end.
6) Fin 50m (2 lengths) with face submerged, using snorkel. Finish at deep end, duck-diving to recover & fit mask & weight belt. Signal "Okay" before surfacing.

Group C - Basic Open Water

Using basic equipment plus suit & BC.
1) Fin 500m, inflate BC orally, fin a further 100m.
2) Duck-dive to a depth of 5m, three times. On the third time, rescue a fully kitted diver & tow to shore, performing Expired Air Resuscitation & land body.
3) Attend a minimum of three open water dives using basic equipment, suit & BC.

Group D - Pool SCUBA Tests

Instructor to explain embolisms, barotrauma & pressure effects before commencing.
Using basic equipment, plus SCUBA kit.
1) Assemble, test & fit aqualung. Demonstrate bouyancy by depth of breathing.
2) Remove, replace & clear mask three times underwater. Remove, replace & clear regulator three times.
3) Wearing full equipment, fin 25m (1 length) finishing in the deep end. Remove equipment.
4) Fin 50m (2 lengths) alternating between regulator & snorkel, changing twice each length. 
5) Fin for 5mins underwater, wearing a blacked-out mask.
6) Establish a breathing rhythm, then fin 50m (2 lengths) underwater, sharing a regulator.
7) Starting in the deep end, fin to the middle at speed. Rescue body & return to the deep end, performing Expired Air Resuscitation. Remove kit & recover body onto the side of the pool.
8) Identify six selected hand signals.
9) Attend lectures on equipment, pressure effects & life saving.
10)Spend two evenings in the Compressor Room, learning the correct proceedures for the use of compressors & for cylinder filling.

Group E - Open Water Diving

Using basic equipment, plus SCUBA kit.
1) Using BC, demonsrate adjustment of buoyancy. Perform a controlled ascent from a depth of 3m, after explaining how to avoid an embolism & barotrauma.
2) Demonstrate & respond to diver-to-dive & diver-to-surface signals.
3) At a depth of 10m, remove, replace & clear mask three times.
4) At a depth of 10m, remove, replace & clear regulator three times.
5) Share a regulator for 25m at depth of not less than 7m.
6) Demonstrate underwater navigation by swimming a straight course for 100m, at a depth of not less than 3m.
7) Demonstrate the correct use of a BC at 3m.
8) Attend a boat handling course.
9) Act as a helmsman for boat cover twice.
10)Act as dive leader for a minimum of three divers, five times.
11)Log at least ten open water dives.