Scuba diving is a relatively expensive sport however at MDG we try to make it as accessible as possible by keeping the costs down. You will find that we are considerably cheaper than most other diving organisations. Any surpluses we make are reinvested in diving equipment or our club facilities. 

When you join the club you pay a joining fee of £100.  However, this covers all of your training costs and use of equipment. In addition there is an annual membership fee and this entitles you to borrow club equipment whenever you like.

Direct Debit 

Paying by Direct Debit is the easy way to keep up to date with your MDG membership fees. You have the option of paying membership either annually or monthly - it's up to you, and there's no difference in price.

All payments to MDG are covered by the Direct Debit guarantee. Payments will appear on your bank statement with the reference "MCRDIVINGGRP". Payments always leave your account on the 14th of the month, - every month if you choose monthly subscription or the next 14th of the month for annual payments. GoCardless our Direct Debit provider will E-mail you three days before each payment is debited from your account. 

   Annual   Monthly
Full membership £131£10.92
Full membership (5-10 years) £118 £9.84
Full membership (10-15 years) £112£9.30
Full membership (15+ years)  £105 £8.75
Full family membership £197£16.41
Country membership £21  
Social membership £10