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March Lecture: Out of air drills (Review)

posted 5 Mar 2017, 05:21 by MDG Buddy   [ updated 18 Mar 2017, 08:25 ]
19th century classroom, Auckland - 0785
Last Friday, in our pool training session we spent an hour looking at our kit configuration and practising out of air drills. 

We found that often a panicking out of air diver may well take the regulator from our mouth rather than the octopus leaving the anxious diver very close to the donor diver and the donor struggling to find the octopus.

We looked at how having a long primary hose that could be donate and a second on a necklace, ready for action was much easier for both the out of air diver, who was breathing the correct mix for the depth but was also at arms length.   

This was followed by our monthly supper in the club. Next month, the lecture will be in the compressor room when we'll review cylinder markings, methods of cylinder filling, principles of blending and gas testing.

On Sunday, in preparation for our Marine Identification course with Sea Search later this month we had 12 lectures on classification and identification of marine creatures.

 Lots of photographs, interactive lectures and some home cooking made the day speed by.

If you think these activities, and similar ones, will enrich your diving please contact us.