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Hough End Leisure Centre

posted 21 May 2015, 14:32 by MDG Buddy   [ updated 21 May 2015, 14:44 ]

Manchester City Council

Hough End Leisure Centre

As many of you are probably aware, Chorlton Leisure Centre is being replaced by a brand new leisure centre at Hough End.

The new leisure centre is located on Princess Road (See map below). 

The dates of the move are as Follows:

Last Sessions at Chorlton:

  • Last Octopush Session at Chorlton: Monday 1st June 2015
  • Last Pool Training Session at Chorlton: Friday 5th June 2015

First Sessions at Hough End:

  • First Octopush at Hough End: Monday 15th June 2015
  • First Pool Training session at Hough End: Friday 19th June 2015

For more on Hough End Leisure centre please see Hough End Leisure Centre's website.